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Weekly Meal Planning 101

Hi friends! I hope you all had a good weekend. Today I’m sharing some tidbits on how my weekly meal planning process for Tyler and me.  But first, I’ll update you on a few things from the weekend!

On Friday night, I watched my dad’s band play at a lake marina about 15 or so miles north of where we live. It was the first time at this venue and it’s safe to say that they were a hit! Tyler was playing catch up on some of his photography work and stayed home. I was bummed he wasn’t there because we could have gotten in some quality dancing time! When I got home, I found him in the backyard with our neighbors and we ended up hanging out until 2am… I did not anticipate staying up so late but it was a blast and so worth it!

Saturday came early and quickly. I finally washed my car (it was long overdue) and finished up the grocery shopping. We have a friend moving in with us for awhile so amongst her moving in and getting things done around the house, it was a busy day. I made taco zucchini boats for us and our friend, Natalie for dinner. Tyler and I rounded out the evening with a long hour walk. He’s rarely in the mood to walk that long but if it wasn’t already dark, he would have gone for another hour!


We slept in Sunday, still in recovery from Friday night. Our day was filled with meal prep, softball games, dance class and house work in preparation for the week. We are both looking forward to a long weekend coming soon! Now, on to the post for today!

Weekly Meal Planning

If you have kids, I’m sure this process is more involved but hopefully will provide some extra tips that you might find helpful!

weekly meal planning

Pick one day to do your planning and shopping

Choose a day that is easiest for your weekly meal planning. This used to be my Saturday morning routine but I’ve recently changed to Friday evenings. Saturday mornings in the grocery store are much to chaotic for my taste! The store is EMPTY on Friday nights. If we have plans on Friday, I’ll either do the planning on Thursday night and try to shop early on Saturday. Lastly, plan on going to the store ONCE per week. I refuse to grab groceries in the middle of the week but I know this is a struggle for some. Make a goal to only go to the store once. No more! I’ll admit, I do go to (usually) both Sprouts, Walmart and Hy-Vee depending on the week and what we need. Sometimes I go to just one, two, and I dread going to all three but I really hate having to do that.
weekly menu plan

Prep your calendar for next week and plan the ease of your dinners accordingly

Weekly meal planning is the perfect time to also write in the following week’s plan in your planner. I use my phone calendar and only work one week in advance in my planner. If this seems strange, read my post about how I do this. If you’ve got some busy evenings, keep it simple. I like to make large casserole-sized dinners so that if we have a busy following night, all we have to do is reheat leftovers. In the same way, I like to use leftovers for our lunches the following day. It really depends on what we’ve got going on that week.

weekly menu

Use your cookbooks and favorite websites to discover new recipes

During your weekly meal planning, I’d encourage you to get creative from time to time! I like using the my family favorite meal ideas to change up our good ol’ favorites but there are a few additional resources I use to incorporate brand new meals that are healthy and easy for this patient-less cook!

Skinnytaste (lightened up versions of some of my favorite dishes – I feel like her meals have improved my knowledge in the kitchen… one of my favorites is her fish sticks!)

PBFingers (one of my favorite bloggers I’ve been following for about 5 years… she’s a foodie but is all about easy and tastey dinners)

My mom’s meatloaf recipe is pretty bomb. I’ll share it with you one of these days!

What’s your breakfast and lunch plans for the family? Do you need to stock up on snacks?

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast. I go through kicks. Right now it is a banana with 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 2 scoops of collagen peptides in my coffee  with almond milk. Add the foods to your list that each member eats for breakfast. For lunch, I try to plan enough so that we have lunch the following day but just in case I get lazy and don’t cook dinner (this seriously happens at LEAST twice per week), I also grab a pound of sandwich meat from the deli.

weekly grocery list

Pull your grocery list together by category

As you can see, I use a simple notebook to write our menu and grocery list each list. I do like to use the following categories but this is mostly based on how our grocery stores are laid out. Depending on our needs, I go to either Hy-Vee or Walmart. It’s hard to beat the savings at Walmart but we can’t salways get everything we like.

  • Frozen/Cold
  • Produce
  • Dry/Non-Perishable
  • Household

weekly grocery list

Please reach out if there is a specific area where you’d like more details. I’m thinking about writing more about our weekly plans on Sunday or Monday. What would you think of that? You’ll soon realize what I’d LOVE to accomplish is rarely what actually happens. 🙂 Grace, Courtney. Show yourself love and grace. <3

With love,
C. Marie

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