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Things I’m Loving Friday #1

Hey there! Happy Friday to you!!! Today I’m sharing the first ever “Things I’m Loving Friday” post. I hope to start doing these a little bit more regularly. (Regularly? What’s that? Story of my blog life!) These posts will feature some of my favorite things in my life whether it be something new or not, basically just a subject that makes me smile! It may be tangible things, articles or perhaps music! I’d love to hear some of your favorites as well so please share with me in the comments below!


getting things done David Allen

I’m nearing the end of this book and I’m really not ready for it to be over. It has taken me awhile because I leave it in my book bag and save it for my commutes home. Sometimes I choose sleep over reading but I’m telling you, this book is a life-changer! I’m so grateful for the person who recommended it to me. It’s one of those books that would be worthwhile to read once per year. No matter the season of life you’re in, you’ll love it!

Breaking Busy

Another book on this Friday. I posted about it on social media this week but I’m tellin’ ya, God has been getting two major lessons through my head the last few weeks. Both of these books have been his means of getting through to me… gosh I’m stubborn! There’s not a lot I can speak to on these subjects at the moment, but I’m hopeful in the next couple of weeks I can be a bit more candid on the blog.

Old wedding photos

I was going through old wedding photos to post some images for Father’s Day. (By the way, I was thinking I posted Mother’s Day photos on my personal account but apparently I did on my blog social media and failed to do the same for our dads. #totalfail Anyhow, seeing these pictures again just makes me smile. If you want to see more, check out our photographer’s website and blog. She is WON-DER-FUL!!!

Yard/Front Porch Inspiration

Our neighbors made these cute little planters for their fence. We have SUPER small yards where we live, all governed by and HOA so we don’t have a ton of flexibility. Getting creative with our small spaces poses its challenges but I love seeing what everyone else in the ‘hood does in their back yards.


I also ran across these photos on Facebook. There are some workshops in KC on how to make these cute little planters for your front porch. I need a GIF of my super excited, freak out mode  to add to stuff like this! These cute details make me want to dance!

Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden with trellis


YOU GUYS. I can’t believe how fast my garden has taken off! We’ve gotten lots of rain lately, the sun has been out and the heat… oh the heat! I will have green beans any day and my cucumbers are blooming and climbing the lattice! Yay! I didn’t get the tomatoes in the ground early enough so those probably won’t do much until late into the summer. My okra plants and red peppers are happy little campers as well. 🙂

Homemade Ice Cream

homemade ice cream

A couple weeks ago I made my grandma’s recipe for homemade ice cream. WOW! I forgot how amazing it is… the richness and creaminess. However, as I was making it, I also learned WHY it is so darn rich. Eggs, Cream, Whole Milk, Sugar. Yum. It’s so worth the cals, though. I’ve been mixing PB2 into it. The picture is before I did the mixing. 🙂  AH-MA-ZING!

I’m having a social media free weekend so you won’t hear much from me until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

What things have you been loving lately? Anything fun to read on the internet?

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