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Breaking My Blog Hiatus | Life Lately #2

Wow! What a wild July and August! Let me start by saying, even though things are crazy busy, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, even though I abandoned the blog for a good month. Definitely making sure not to associate any guilt with my little space here on the web. So while I wish I wrote a post before today, I’m not actually sorry! 🙂

Work Life Updates

My favorite update… I got a new job!!! I’m still at Hallmark (love it here!) but I’ve moved on to a new gig that is seriously a DREAM! My new boss is wonderful and the type of work I’m doing is exactly what I’ve been wanting. It won’t be an easy ride, I’m hoping for some travel and it’s an opportunity to make a major impact on our new business growth. SO pumped!

My boss gave me flowers and sparkling lemonade… she’s seriously the bomb.com.

Love Life Updates

Tyler and I celebrated our second anniversary on Tuesday. We took Monday and Tuesday off in order to have a long weekend. I can’t even explain how nice it was to have a few extra days off but I’m sure you can relate! We had some housekeeping things on Monday so we kept it pretty low key.

On Monday, we started our day finding 3 geocaches. If you haven’t heard of geocaching, it is basically a glorified adult treasure hunt. There’s an app that you can download that explains it all and tracks the geocaches that you’ve found. There are SO many in Lawrence. We visited The Roost for lunch afterward. If you’re looking for a great breakfast place, I would HIGHLY recommend The Roost. Their French toast is my fave! I’ll warn you though, breakfast on the weekends, you’ll probably wait at least 45 minutes to get a seat and they don’t take reservations. However, it is worth the wait!

Other than this, we kept Monday pretty low key. We both had appointments as well that day and I spent the evening in KC playing bunco with some new friends! My work friend, Caroline invited me and it was SUCH a great time!

Tuesday the 15th was our actual anniversary day. We spent the day in KC, enjoying each other’s company. I purchased tour tickets (only $5 each!) to see the Kauffman Center. If you haven’t seen a show at Kauffman, you MUST go sooner rather than later. One of my favorites was Boyz II Men with accompaniment by the KC Symphony… ah.maze.ing! The tour was wonderful. We’re still so in love with this place!

helzberg hall  Kauffman center

tapcade Kansas cityWe originally planned on going to the zoo afterward but the tour ended up taking longer than we expected. We only had about two hours to kill before our next activity. I drove Tyler around downtown KC to show him some places I’ve discovered recently. He hadn’t heard of Christopher Elbow chocolate! What the heck!? Eventually we found our way to Tapcade which is an arcade bar. Lucky for us, Tuesdays are $2 all you can play so we basically played each other in pac-man for two hours. Needless to say, I couldn’t beat Tyler so he didn’t want to stop playing! Go figure – ha!

Finally, we ended our day by going to the Foreigner concert at Starlight Theater. Funny story… Tyler asked me to marry him at a Foreigner concert in 2013 at Starlight. Our first dance was to “Waiting for a Girl Like You” on August 15th, 2015. THEN, Foreigner scheduled ANOTHER concert for August 15th, 2017, once again at Starlight! We’ve been waiting for this day for awhile… def our favorite show we’ve seen them perform! (We saw their acoustic concert last fall as well.) They did not disappoint!

hottie husband  valentine picture foreigner concert tailgate  relaxing with a beer

Backing up a bit, there’s an ongoing tradition for people attending concerts at Starlight. You’ll see people tailgating ahead of time… this mostly consists of drinking adult beverages. 🙂 I don’t think we’ve seen anyone grilling or anything. I packed us some sandwiches, watermelon and snacks to have ahead of time. Tuesday was a blast!

One of these days, I’ll share what Tyler wrote for our engagement story. It truly is one of my favorite things he’s ever written for me. I love his heart!

Organizational Life Updates

My powersheets prep definitely didn’t happen for August, but I’m OK with it. I’ll start up here in the next week for my September powersheets. I’m changing up my meal planning and weekly agenda slightly. I’ve only changed my method for the past 2 weeks so I’ll (hopefully) get a post up soon that explains my new process. I’ll keep you up to speed with how I feel about it. It’s cheap, I can say that for sure!

In general, I’ve been working during the evenings… I’ve kept up pretty well with personal organizational stuff but with this new job, I really need to get my work OneNote and emails better organized… seriously it’s a hot mess right now! Have I mentioned Wunderlist to guys yet? It’s my new favorite to-do list tracker. I’ve got the app on my phone, personal computer, and work computer so it is always with me. I think it is the best tool for the GTD (Getting Things Done) method. I was using OneNote but it doesn’t have a great interface for to-do lists and you know how I love my lists!

What’s new with you? It really feels good to be back! I’ve missed this. 🙂

If you don’t know this song, I feel bad for you… you’ve been missing out!

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