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Downloadable freebies I like to use and I think you might enjoy them as well!

C. Marie Family Favorite Recipes

freebies family favorite recipesDo you ever feel like you are always making the same thing over and over for dinner? Use this printout to help you rotate your family’s favorite meals. I like to print two, put them in a plastic protector and refer to it each week as I prep for the next week’s dinner menu.



C. Marie Perpetual Calendar

perpetual calendar freebies
Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special dates year after year with this perpetual calendar. Continually add to it and refer to it each month to stay ahead of your card sending or gift giving!




C. Marie Budget Template

google drive budget template

Creating a budget is CRUCIAL to the success of your personal finance planning. Use this to help you get started with a budget today!

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