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Finding Time to Exercise and Developing a Workout Routine

Good evening, y’all! It’s been awhile. 🙂 Recently, I learned a lot about myself and finding time to exercise in my life. My personal routine has changed drastically over the past year and I wish that I would have kept an exercise routine going with the change, but I will be the first to admit, I totally fell off the wagon. When change happens in our lives so quickly, routines tend to fall by the wayside because we forget to upgrade them to our current way of being. Finding time to exercise will naturally change as we change and guess what… it is TOTALLY OKAY to change it up. There is a season for everything in life.

finding time to exercise

Change your exercise routine as your life changes.

I finally learned this and I wish it didn’t take me so long. As I started a new job with a new commute of 50+ minutes each way, my ENTIRE routine was thrown off. Two years ago, I was a morning gym-goer with the occasional two-a-day sessions back then… I wouldn’t recommend that to most folks! Fast forward to today, my additional (almost) two hours on the road really cut into my workout routine. Finding time to exercise began to feel impossible. My motivation to hit the gym early in the morning was gone. If I was lucky, I would exercise a couple times per week. The frustration of not having a routine was so maddening and I totally lost all motivation.

Finding time to exercise requires a decision of which lifestyle changes need to be made. First of all, I don’t want to workout at 4 am so my only choice is to workout in the evening. However, I also don’t want to go to the gym at the busiest time of the day, right after work, and once I’m home, I want to STAY home. My only option is to workout in the comfort of my own home. A couple of months ago, I broke down and bought a treadmill and invested in a few more free weights. Just to share if anyone is interested, I do Tone It Up daily workouts love every minute of it!

Be efficient if you’re short on time.

Long gone are the days where I exercise for an hour and a half. First of all, I’ve kicked my fitness obsession/addiction to the curb and I finally have a life. Second, a 30-45 minute workout is GREAT for you and personally works well for me. I get home around 6:00, cook dinner, take some time in front of the TV, and try to start my workout no later than 8.

Don’t waste your time doing something you hate.

Finding time to exercise is not easy if you’re doing something you hate. If you don’t mildly enjoy it, why make yourself do it? You’ll end up falling off the wagon. (Speaking from experience here!) Find something that YOU look forward to doing and forget about disappointing people or trying to be like someone else. Be YOU because that is who God wants you to be. Quit the comparison and worry about doing what everyone else seems to be doing.

Be consistent and set realistic expectations.

The hardest part about finding time to exercise is getting started. Start with small daily goals. Maybe your first goal is 2x per week and increase it as you get used to it and as your schedule allows. Once you get going and turn it into a habit, it’ll be much easier going forward. Keep pushing. On the flip side, 7x per week of lllooonnggg high intensity workouts isn’t a great idea either. If you have kids, a full time job, volunteer commitments or whatever, don’t have crazy expectations for yourself. Set realistic goals and stick to them.

Some exercise is better than no exercise.

Find your minimum expectation. For me, even when I’m dreading my workout, I tell myself that walking on the treadmill is better than nothing and almost always end up pushing myself further than what I anticipated. It’s a wonderful feeling to surprise yourself AND it makes you feel good!

  • Examples: 10 minutes of lifting weights or body weight exercises, 20-minute dog walk, play outside with your kids

Eat well and DON’T obsess over the scale, your weight, OR striving for perfection.

I’m AGAIN speaking from experience here! (insert eye roll emoji!) At some point, I promise I will write about my personal experience with this. It’s an uncomfortable topic to open up about, but I can guarantee you, my quality of life AND health is a much better place than it ever has been. Fuel your body with good foods. Whole grains, veggies, protein, fats, fiber, blah, blah, blah! Have some balance, folks. Listen to your body, your cravings, and your feelings. God has made us extremely intelligent and our bodies are brilliant, we just need to trust them.  Our health is important and I’m still working on how to balance making it a priority while not turning it into an obsession.

P.S. I eat chocolate every day!

If you’re looking for resources, please visit my resources page. These are the tried and true, tested thoroughly by yours truly! Finding time to exercise isn’t always an easy journey, but I promise you, it is totally worth it!

With love,
C. Marie

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