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Here’s the quick and dirty: My name is Courtney, but my pen name is C. Marie. I’m as “Type A” as one can get. Even still, I try to create a healthy dose of “Type B” without compromising who God has created me to be. He has given me a wonderful life I cherish by creating ways to simplify the tasks of everyday life. Follow along as I fuel my passion for organization, simplicity and intentional living!

The full story of C. Marie

The Early Years

I’ve been making lists for as long as I can remember. One of my mom’s favorite stories is when she found a small wooden 2×4 in our backyard, a few years after I left home for college. With a permanent marker, I had written a list of what my friends and I were going to do at my 8th birthday party.

  1. Go to Cofert Inn (should have been Comfort Inn)
  2. Eat
  3. Swim
  4. Open presents

I was that extremely particular and sensitive 8-year old girl, who had to have everything just so.

The Teenage Years

Throughout junior high and high school, I was involved in anything and everything. I spent a lot of my time playing sports and joining every club possible with the expectation of being an officer of some sort. In each of these years, we were given planners covered in my alma mater colors. A new planner at the beginning of the school year made me SO giddy! The way the materials felt, the durability, and the amount I was able to accomplish because of my planner was thrilling! ***Nerd alert!!!***

The College Years

I studied finance and supply chain management at the University of Kansas. Structure and process improvement is what sparks my creative spirit and soul. While in college, I worked 15-30 hours per week on top of being a full-time student. My planner was still my right-hand man. Personally, during this time in my life, I felt like I had to make sure I was exceeding expectations of everyone around me. Or at least, what I perceived as their expectations.

The Tough Years

After I graduated from KU, I felt like I had TONS of time in the evening. No longer was I constantly doing homework into the wee hours of the night.  Working in the “real world” now, I found myself falling out of my organized nature. Admittedly, I completely lost myself for awhile. Since I wasn’t a student, I didn’t have the same type of things on my to-do list anymore, which made me feel like I didn’t need a planner. Part of the blame at that time is because I changed to solely using my cell phone as my planner… HORRIBLE idea for me! (I use both my phone and planner.)

My time quickly began to fill up with other things. I was still trying to gain approval and “exceed people’s expectations”. (Blog post to come on this which is why it is in quotes!) I wanted to sew, knit, garden, have a perfectly clean house, perfect body, and so on. I was ready to nest, Tyler and I got married (BEST day of my life!), and with all the craziness, my planning went by the wayside.  Every evening I felt frazzled and unable to accomplish everything that life and my heart threw at me. I felt SO overwhelmed, which made me accomplish NOTHING, and I would go to bed feeling completely upset with myself. Additionally, my job at the time was stressing me out more than I realized, so I knew I needed to make a change.

Today | C. Marie Blog

It would be silly to not admit that I STILL want things to be just so – just like my 8-year old self. Through lifestyle coaching, I finally learned that I totally put my planning and organizing passion on the backburner. That part of me didn’t exist anymore. I let the craziness of life consume me. My desire is to help working women (that’s ALL of us!) live a life where they can truly experience EVERY moment. Organizing my life and our home is something I’m truly passionate about and I absolutely believe that there are ways to help us not feel like we are spreading ourselves so thin.

Finally, my hope is that through the content and tools shared on C. Marie, you can find the type of lifestyle that glorifies God. I sincerely want to help women focus on the things that deeply matter and worry less about the things that don’t. Let’s get real… there will always be some sort of stress, but I hope the tools here can help minimize it. I’m so gracious that you’re here!

I’d love to hear your feedback or any blog ideas that you’d like to see on the blog. Please, feel free to reach out to me anytime!
courtney (at) c-marie.com



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