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30 Before 30 | Things to Do Before Turning 30

Lately, I’ve stumbled on blogs with a bucket list of things to do before they turn a certain age. On March 1st in 2021, I’ll turn 30 so I have plenty of time to complete my bucket list. Over time, I may add to this list as my goals and perspective changes over time. For now, I’m calling it my “30 before 30” list.

I’ll link to blog posts, websites, or whatever is appropriate as I complete each one so be sure to visit regularly and stay up to date with my progress! If you have any ideas or suggestions for ANY of these please leave a comment below! Also, I’d love to hear if you have anything suggestions of things to add. Here we gooo!!!!

30 Before 30 | Bucket List

  1. Have a baby
  2. Write a song with my dad
  3. Write a song with my brother
  4. Get life insurance
  5. Pay off student loans
  6. Pay off car loans
  7. Build an emergency fund
  8. Be on a board for a non-profit
  9. Become a manager
  10. Start a side hustle
  11. Plant a flower garden
  12. Make a t-shirt quilt
  13. Learn how to can jelly and veggies
  14. Host a themed party
  15. Go garage sale shopping
  16. Find a great find at a thrift store
  17. Make our back porch cozier
  18. Create a more consistent personal Bible Study routine
  19. Find fool proof meals to make when hosting friends and family
  20. 2nd wedding anniversary
  21. 3rd wedding anniversary
  22. 4th wedding anniversary
  23. 5th wedding anniversary
  24. Pay for a strangers meal
  25. Make a photo album online for each year of our marriage
  26. Organize attic
  27. Find a solution to organize Tyler’s DVD and CD collection
  28. Go ice skating
  29. Find a new dining room and entry way light fixture
  30. Plan a neighborhood party

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