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My May Goals | 2017 Powersheets

Gosh, I love peonies! The peonies featured on my blog today are straight from our yard. <3 However, I cannot take credit for these pretties. The previous owner of our home planted two large plants in the front yard. We’ll get to my May PowerSheets shortly, but first, I want to review how April went.

April Review

April powersheets review

Overall, I’d say I made progress this month. (Progress not perfection!) For whatever the reason, I’m still putting off bible journaling. Womp womp. I need some accountability! I planned to do a social media free weekend this weekend but ended up having lots of blog-related goals to accomplish. Yoga still hasn’t been happening much but I’m hoping a new challenge by my friend Macy at Hungryoga will help me out in that area! As far as reading goes, I haven’t had anything that sounds exciting to read so if you have recommendations, send them my way!

May Powersheets | 2017 Powersheets

may powersheets

If you follow me on Instagram (@c.marie.blog), you probably noticed I did my Powersheet prep in front of the TV watching Gilmore Girls. It seemed appropriate! Ha!

April powersheets goal setting

My word for this month is PATIENCE. Rather than choosing an “encouraging words” phrase, I decided to stick with my single word for the month. Currently, there is a lot going on in multiple areas in my life and patience is truly what I need right now!

peonies and powersheets
This picture makes me happy. Two of my favorite things: peonies and powersheets!

Monthly Goals | May Powersheets

monthly may powersheets goals

Pictured above is my monthly goals list for my May Powersheets.  A lot of the same goals, with the addition of a few. I’m hoping to get my garden planted this month. Green beans, cucumbers, and okra are on my seed buying list. Additionally, I want to get a sweet pepper plant. Tyler has committed to helping me mulch our yard next weekend! I’m so excited to start getting stuff in the ground!

Weekly Goals | May Powersheets

weekly goals for may powersheets

Lots of the same goals here as well. I really like my routine right now so I’m keeping these simple because it is working well for me. Lately, I’ve been struggling to get two blog posts up per week. I just started riding a vanpool for my commute to work and back home which gives me TWO HOURS per day to work on things. The change in schedule will be great for C. Marie! I hope my content will get better and better for you! Any suggestions and ideas are always appreciated. 🙂

Daily Goals | May Powersheets

daily goals for may powersheets

The only change I made to my daily goals is how I wrote these out however, I am going to change my strategy. My plan is to pick out my work clothes for the ENTIRE week on Sunday so I should be able to check off M-F right away. As for prepping our lunches, I’d like to start doing 2-3 days at a time rather than having to do it every night.

Do you have ideas for books I should pick up at our library? I want to read at night before bed but I’m really struggling to find anything interesting! I’m not a fan of mysteries or anything too intense. I love Nicholas Sparks, Jojo Moyes, and Jodi Picoult if that helps. Self-help and Christian books are always nice but right now I’m feeling like I need something fiction. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Have a great week!

With love,
C. Marie

What is one of your goals for this month? Any changes in strategies?

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