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My June Goals | 2017 Powersheets

I’m a few days late in getting my June Powersheets ready. When the beginning of a new month starts in the middle of a week, I’m always a bit shocked at how fast the month seemed to fly! I couldn’t have picked a better day to work on this though. My heart is in need of some regrouping.

Quick side note: On my June Spotify playlist is an awesome song that just started playing. I’m so in love! (I also love the artist’s name!)

May Review

may powersheets review

I feel like I can say I knocked it out of the park this month. There are a few things I really wish I would have done better BUT the amount of progress I made really makes me proud. While I didn’t get a freebie made for you guys, my yoga practice was less than stellar, the amount of posts I created on the blog was pretty blah, I made some major headway in a lot of the other areas. (My May Goals HERE!)

If you can remember, one of my April daily goals was to READ and I totally failed and maybe read a whole FOUR times. This month I made a lot more progress and really tried to read more regularly. My workouts are going great and my body is feeling really great! One area I’m SUPER proud about is I finally did some bible journaling! While it wasn’t much, I still sat down and explored it. I think I’ve been nervous about starting this because it is new to me. It was really enjoyable – my creative spirits were rollin’!

June powersheets cover image flowersJune Powersheets | 2017 Powersheets

My word for the month is FAITH. I’d like to keep my focus on trust God and His plan for me. He is always with me and I’m so incredibly grateful for that. Please keep me accountable!

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:7

june powersheets for goal setting
I went with a green theme this month. Seemed perfect for this time of year!

Monthly Goals | June Powersheets

monthly goals for powersheets by Lara Casey

I don’t know that I’ll do an organized Thirsty Thursday this month, but I’m definitely going to make time for girlfriend gatherings. The one I’m really looking forward to is getting involved with our local 4-H organization. Twelve years of my childhood were spend with the club and my heart is missing it SO much. I’ve filled out the paperwork, completed the trainings and am really looking forward to being a volunteer. Have you tried a social media free weekend yet? They are seriously amazing. It’s like a social media cleanse and keeps me grounded.

Weekly Goals | June Powersheets

weekly goals for powersheets by Lara Casey

Our Dave Ramsey plan is going well and frequent review of our budget has really made a difference. I hate that every month something (multiple things) comes up that we don’t plan for and so we aren’t exactly moving at the same rate I anticipated. It is close but you know me, I hate feeling like we are off plan. It might be more of a scenario where we need to adjust our budget… we’re learning and our debt is getting paid off faster than what it was so I’m still grateful for that.

Tending to our yard and my garden is filling my heart! We got some hail this week so my geraniums don’t have much for blooms at the moment but that’s part of it, I guess! 🙂 My green beans are getting so tall and I cannot wait for my cucumbers to start climbing up the trellis. I’ll share more photos on social media of our yard and garden.

My bible journaling from May inspired me to do some simple bible studies. I’d love to be doing this every day but I know it isn’t realistic right now. However, I’m really excited about a resource I found from another blog online. Kari at Stone Soup for Five creates bible studies that aren’t quite the conventional way and I’m obsessed. She has a hands-on approach where you doodle and make marks in your bible to help you learn. This is very much in line with how my brain works so I’m really excited to get started. If you enter your email you can get a free Ephesians study. Last weekend, I created a binder for the studies and printed off her doodle help pages and put them in plastic inserts. Let me know if you end up trying her studies!

Daily Goals | June Powersheets

daily goals for powersheets by Lara Casey

Same ol’, same ol’ here, but I did add a line to not spend money. I’m going about this as a challenge to not buy snacks at work and fun stuff in the card shop. Sometimes I’ll have to buy things but in general, I want to challenge myself and see how many days in a row I can go. Groceries will always throw a wrench in my streak.

Last night, I placed an order for groceries online via Hy-Vee and they should arrive any time. I’m pumped and cannot believe how darn easy it is to order. There was a $5 service fee but heck, I’d say it is worth it!

I’d love to hear about your goals for the month! Feel free to leave a comment below. Are you using Powersheets yet?

With love,
C. Marie


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    • Hi Karyn! Thanks! I’ve really made it a priority the last couple months. I bought a treadmill in March and started working out in the evenings – around 8pm, after dinner, and after I’ve had a little bit of time to decompress. Typically, M-F I do Tone it Up (www.toneitup.com) workouts. Go to the “Daily Workout” section on their website and it takes all the thinking out of it which is what I need during the week. Work takes up the rest of my mental capacity! On the weekends, a friend and I always try to get in a bike ride. I like to make sure I take my workouts outside on the weekend if there is nice weather. 🙂

      I’m considering mixing in some Kayla Itsines workouts but haven’t fully committed yet. Her plans are pretty intense! 2-3x is a great place to start and build on it once it becomes manageable. I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

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