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My July Goals | 2017 Powersheets

Happy Fourth of July! Amongst all of the chaos in the world, I am truly proud to be an American! It is the fourth but never too late to do my July Powersheets prep! I took about a half an hour a couple nights ago and finished them up but haven’t had a chance to put together this post yet. Enjoying the extra long weekend has def been my priority! Here we go with my July Powersheets… but first a review of June.

(New to Powersheets? Learn about them from Cultivate What Matters.)

June Review

June went well. I felt like life got a little crazy the last few weeks of the month and I was reviewing my daily goals every few days rather than every day. Bible study time is still a struggle and I’m having a hard time fitting it in during the evenings. Reading is MUCH improved as well. Don’t spend money as a goals was freaking hard! I didn’t get snacks packed for work and ended up buying quite a bit at work so I epically failed early on and just gave up on the goal. I felt defeated and was like, “You know what Court, it’s life and sometimes I can’t prepare for everything.” I’m now just packing a scoop of whey for an afternoon snack and calling it good! Overall, not much to complain about for the month and I feel like I’m still making meaningful progress on my high-level goals! On to July!

July powersheets

July Powersheets | 2017 Powersheets

My word for the month is TODAY. I want to live in the moment and not focus so much on the future. Easier said than done but the continual reminder from my powersheets will help.

July powersheets 2017 goals

washi tape for powersheets

If you noticed, I have a new planner and have taped my powersheets on the front of the first inner page with washi tape. I’m always afraid it is going to fall out of my planner and I’ll lose my tending list. No more worrying here!

Monthly Goals | July Powersheets

july monthly goals

I tried to list out my goals on my tending list in order of priority. One of our top goals is to pay off our debt so you’ll see it at the top. We are still making progress and our friend, Natalie, moved in with us a couple weeks ago. We are all fans of Dave Ramsey and are ready to be “weird” and have NO debt! Tyler and I will be on the path for a few years and figured having a roommate for awhile will help free up some cash to throw at our debt.

I’ve already made some progress this weekend with the SEO work for the blog which truly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. Towards the bottom of the list are a few things that I’ve really wanted to get done but haven’t yet… cleaning the garage out and washing the windows and screens. I figured the best way to attempt to complete them is by adding them to my July Powersheets. Obviously I’ll be recruiting Tyler to help with these… Thanks, babe! 🙂 Except the freelance work, but I’m hoping this comes to fruition this month.

Weekly Goals | July Powersheets

July weekly goals

Not much has changed here… I did move the home bible study to the top of the list to remind myself to make it a priority. Some of the lower ones have become habits already so I don’t feel like they need to be at the top of the list. Date night is always a priority! I have a plan to actually check yoga off my list this month. There is a class on Wednesday nights I can make because it isn’t until 7:15pm. Anything earlier just doesn’t happen for me with my commute. There is a new studio opening up near our house in August… only about 1/2 mile away! I’m stoked… lots of HOT yoga!

Daily Goals | July Powersheets

July daily goals

All the same daily goals as the last few months. I like this list and this is all I have time for during the work week. Plus, it’s always nice to feel like I can check things off the list every day. It’s the little things that add up and accomplishing these five things everyday truly make my week feel less hectic.

Stay tuned for a new post coming in the next week (OR in TWO weeks)… I have some fun news to share with you!!! <3 I hope you have a fantastic fourth of July celebration tonight!

With love,
C. Marie

What are some of your goals for July? Leave a comment below to share!

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