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My April Goals | 2017 PowerSheets

Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope you will be doing some relaxing this weekend. I’ve got lots of blog work planned… mostly behind the scenes stuff and relaxing with the hubby and pup is on my list! Today I’m sharing my April PowerSheets with you. First, I’ll briefly review how things went in March. If you missed my March goal setting, you can catch up here.

March 2017 PowerSheets Review


I still haven’t done my bible journaling kit. I’ve attended a couple of bible studies at church but I’m really hoping to fit it in this weekend. Finishing my t-shirt quilt didn’t end up fitting into the budget (more on that later) and it has been raining for almost the last two weeks so I haven’t washed my car. I should have at least done the inside. Oh well!


Overall pretty good here except for my C. Marie blog posts. Womp womp. There never seems to be enough time in my evenings and I don’t want to not get any sleep. I already feel like I don’t get enough. However, I do have a strategy for April.


Yoga and meditation were a bit of a fail this month so I’m adjusting my April goals. I started strong with the pilates challenge but definitely skipped quite a few days at the end. I’ve been really happy with my workout routine I’ve developed.

april powersheets header

April PowerSheets

Monthly Goals
  • Clean outside/inside of car
  • Out with friends and/or networking event
  • Bible journaling
  • Social media free weekend
  • Look into leading FPU

So here’s quite the update. I’ve become obsessed about Dave Ramsey’s financial peace plan and we’ve officially got a plan to become debt free. I’d like to do a little blogging about his principles because I truly think this will change our lives. Would you be interested in hearing about our journey?

  • C. Marie content calendar

I really need to create a content calendar. It’s so hard to keep my ideas organized and working full-time makes having a blog on the side a bit difficult to manage.

april goals coffee and chocolate

Weekly Goals
  • Review budget
  • water flowers
  • C. Marie blog posts (2x)

I’m still aiming for posting twice per week with the hope that having a content calendar will help me to stay timely and organized!

  • Date night

Because we are on the Dave Ramsey plan, we probably won’t be going out to eat as often as we were. I’m going to count weekend dinners at home more of our date night. The plan is to make them a bit more special than usual… maybe light a candle, have a glass of wine and really slow down to focus on each other, just like if we were out to eat. My hope is for it to not feel rushed like dinner during the week.

  • Yoga

I need to keep this up at least once per week. Without it, my back and body pains kill me. I get tight so easily with workouts. In March my yoga practice was lacking, as a result, I’ve been waking up extremely tight this week.

  • Meal planning & prep

This will be SUPER important to keep to our budgeting goals. I’ve vowed to not eat in our cafeteria at work while Tyler will stick to the lunches I prepare, too. If we are caught in a bind, obviously it is what it is, but in general, we’ve been using the convenience methods a bit too often! Our cafeteria is relatively cheap in comparison, but I know it is cheaper to prep lunches myself. 🙂

april daily goal setting

Daily Goals
  • Workout
  • 10 minute clean
  • Prep for tomorrow
  • Pick out clothes for tomorrow

I realized I wrote this one incorrectly on my April PowerSheets… haha! Oops!

  • Read

Finally, my girlfriend Natalie encouraged me to add this one. I actually have been doing lots of reading in the evening over the past week (obviously Dave Ramsey) and it really did help me to start relaxing earlier in the evening.

What are some of your goals for the month?

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